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Q. How do I know the products you sell are authentic?

A.   We strictly choose partners to provide authentic items. We only contract with official retailers and distributors of Brand Company. Most items are supplied from department store and head office of each brand. We guarantee it is 100% authentic items. We NEVER sell fake item.

Q. Can I suggest a product that I want to order which is not in your shop?

A.    Please email to and let us know name of product, brand, model code no. and any information you can give us. We will check the item and we will register the item if we can provide. Feel free to suggest us any item.

Q. Can I return a product I received?

A.    We accept return claim, and you should email us before send the item to us. Please visit Return Policy page and read information before send us email.




Q. How many days will take to receive the ordered items after place an order?

A.    In stock items will be delivered to your address in 4~5* business days after you place an order. It will be delivered to your address in 7~8* business days even if the items are not in stock in our office. (* 2 more days variation based on condition of customs and post office of each region)

Q. How much is the shipping cost?

A.    We provide FREE shipping service to Asian 14 countries (Zone 1) regardless of WEIGHT and product PRICE. Please don’t worry if you are not in country of Zone 1. You just need to pay additional FLAT shipping cost regardless of WEIGHT and product PRICE based on shipping zone.

Q. Can I modify my order or address after I place an order?

A.    You can change your order and address before your item is shipped. Please go to “My Account” – “Orders” and please find status of your order. If the status is “Processed”, you can modify or cancel your order and change your address. If the status is “Complete”, you cannot change and cancel your order, also cannot change your address. Please email to to change your order or address before your item is shipped.

Q. Can I cancel my order after place an order?

A.    You can cancel when the status of your order is “Processed”. But you cannot cancel your order if the status is “Complete”.




Q. What is the currency of product price?

A.    Currency of product price is US$.

Q. Can I pay in other currency than US$?

A.    You can pay in your currency for your order. The amount of payment will be automatically converted to your currency from US$ based on exchange rate of PayPal and Eximbay.

Q. Is it safe to put my credit card to online?

A.    We don’t keep your sensitive information (such as credit card number) on our webpage. The information is protected and kept on PayPal and Eximbay by their highest security technology. Two companies are our official payment agencies and your payment and information are protected and we also cannot approach to your sensitive information.