Q. I want to buy an item that is available only at offline stores.

A.Please send us a [Assisted purchase form] including the brand and item code if you have information. It will help us finding the merchandise if you attach the image of the merchandise.


Q. Are there any items that cannot be shipped?

A. You cannot buy alcoholic beverages, fire arms, vegetables and other plant products, animal products, weapons, furs, natural leathers or blood (airfreight mode). Moreover, we may not be buy the items that may have difficulties with customs clearance in the sending country.


Q. Do you check the seller sent correct merchandise?

A. We check the quantity and color options what you order. We will help you to return the merchandise free of charge if the quantity is not correct or the arrived merchandise is not the item you bought.


In that case, it will take 3-4 days to receive the merchandise again. We will send it overseas only if the product has no problem. Please note that it may take longer if the merchandise is order made product and if there are other reasons. We let you know the domestic delivery status if there is a problem. 





Q. I’d like to know Exchange rate.

A.We display our fees in US dollar. The exchange rate depends on the global rate situation.

QI can’t pay with credit card.

A. If your billing and shipping address does not match or card holder and recipient does not match, transaction would be cancelled automatically. Please check your address before you order. Some countries are restricted by card payment system, so contact us if you having problems about card payment.


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Cancel & Refund

Q. I would like to cancel my order.

A. Before the international shipping started, we accept your cancellation. But after domestic shipping started, you have to charge domestic shipping fee and handling charge. . After cancellation confirmed, we refund your order.




Q.Merchant has cancelled my order, will you refund whole payment?


A. We cancel the whole amount of the payment, but some card company take small cancellation fee. Paypal refund 100% if the transaction has cancelled.