We guarantee that the item will be delivered to you in a best condition. We check every item before we ship out customers’ order. But we are also human. There is a possibility we cannot find defects of product, and we may ship out different item to you. Also customers may do not want the item even if the item is perfectly delivered.

We accept refund or exchange claim because of product problem or change of customers’ mind. And customers should follow our return policy by email communication with us.

Basically, we bear round shipping cost if the product has a problem, but customers should bear the cost if the reason is change of customers’ mind.

1.    We only accept return claim through email.

Please email to with order no. to get the exact refund information and a method.

2.    (If it is product Problem) Please send us pictures of defect part (if the item has a problem) or model no. of care card or tag (if wrong item was delivered). And please briefly describe about the pictures.

(If it is change of your mind) Please let us know why you want to get a refund or exchange to another item.

3.    Then we will let you know a method and how much cost will be occurred because of refund or exchange. We don’t accept refund or exchange claim if there is no confirmation from us before send the item to us. If you do not follow the method replied by email, your cost could be higher than normal.



The product should be a condition when you receive the item. And samples and care card, tag, or warranty card, and etc., all things should be included in the box.

We cannot refund or exchange if the items are used or damaged when it is delivered to us. Please pack it same as we send it to you.

We can accept rerun & exchange during 24 hours from receiving by E-mail.

And you need to send it until 24 hours after receiving and it need to arrive at our office until 7 days after receiving.


We are sorry, all jewelry items are not available to return. 



** We are sorry that we don't accept any returns for orders by 'Personal request' as we informed on every quotation mail.