How 'Request Purchase' works




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If you are having difficulties of purchasing merchandise in Korea or want to purchase the merchandise from a site that does not support overseas delivery, momokorea can help you. We support buying service for both online and offline.







1.Check your inquiry

Check the url of product, color and quantity.



2. Click [Request Purchase]




3. Attach product url and product options( ex. color and size, quatity) 



4. Check your account menu, click request puchase 




5.Please click the URL and check the quote price. 



6. Please proceed with your order. 







7. Delivery of goods

After you order an item, it takes 2-3 business days for domestic shipping(in Korea)


When we receive the product, we ship it to you via the selected delivery method (Small Packet, EMS or DHL).

The duration of international delivery depends on the delivery method.

You can track the delivery status from momokorea.









1. We suggest the best price.

We can purchase from the URL you chose, but we also propose the lowest price of the merchandise among the Korean sites and send you the quotation. Of course, it is the same merchandise that you want to buy and from the most reliable sites. 


2. Offline buying service

We can check if it is available at an offline store and buy it for you if you have detailed information such as the item number. You may inquire it to Momokorea by attaching its image in the [Assisted purchase form].


3. Product confirm service

We will check if the merchandise arrived is the same as what you ordered in quantity, color, etc. If the merchandise does not match your order, we will return it free of charge. We will let you know the wrong delivery by e-maill, process will be delayed for 3-5 days to exchange goods.


4. Package consolidation Service

If you buy multiple items, we will repackage them to minimize the delivery cost.

The following packages cannot be consolidated.


Packages that have been in the storehouse for over 30 days after arrival.
Packages weighing over 30kg.
Packages that are deemed too fragile or unfit due to their shape.





Shipping calculator


Momokorea charges the delivery cost according to the country, weight, volume and delivery method.


You can use the shipping calculator to check the expected delivery cost before you actually pay for your purchase.